The YP Search & Knowledge Lab

From 2014 to 2018, I have worked at Yellow Pages as lead of the Search & Knowledge lab. This was a lab of scientists, linguists, and very skilled developers dedicated to the development of search engines and knowledge management technologies for Yellow pages and its subsidiaries products. was at the time one of the top heaviest search engine in canada (40 millions users, roughly the population of the country), 600 millions queries. It was both a R&D and engineering fun challenge. I was senior product owner of the search.

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This team has been involved in so many project at YP : developed the technologies for Grocery application search, improved the relevance of the YP search engine to make it nearly state of the art, rebuild completely search engine (including design a very powerful one box search) are only some of those.

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During those 4 years, we have deployed state of the art Information Retrieval techniques, Knowledge Graph and its components,  Machine Learning and classification methods to create new metrics, and improve the search relevance.

I am very proud to have been part of this adventure,  and to have contributed to the design of so many wonderful products with the Digital Media Team.